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Associates’ Sign In

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Our target is to provide insurance services while being focused on the highest standards of professionalism, trustworthiness, solvency, transparency and consistency therefore we request from our clients and associates to inform us in writing in case they are not satisfied with any of our services or a complain occurs

This will allow us to identify possible weaknesses on time and face them efficiently and effectively while gathering information and data which will be used in the best possible way in order to improve our products, services as well as our levels of customer service.

Ydrogeios Insurance has developed the “Complaints Procedure” which ensures the substantial and objective investigation of complains which you submit while retaining the necessary confidentiality in accordance with the personal data law currently in force.

We commit to making every effort for the direct, fair and impartial management of all the complains you report to us with the purpose of reaching a mutual acceptable solution in light of good faith while improving our co-operation.

Mr. Chrysostomos Parpounas has been appointed as the Head of the “Complaints Procedure”

Therefore, if you wish, you may submit a complain as follows:

The above document will have to be delivered at the Company or be sent to the following:

  • By email at
  • By Fax +357 24 828 290
  • By mail sent to the address of our Headquarters at Ydrogios House, Medousis 2, 6059, Larnaca, P.O. 40378, 6303 Larnaca

Within two working days from receiving your claim or complain, a confirmation of receipt will be sent to you in accordance with the law currently in force. In case for any reason you do not receive such a confirmation we kindly request that you contact directly the Company’s Headquarters




Tel. +357 24 200 800

Fax: +357 24 82 82 98


Address: Ydrogios House, Medousis 2, 6059 Larnaca

T.G. 40378, 6303 - Larnaca


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