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Associates’ Sign In

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Our people are the most valuable pillar. Recognizing their decisive contribution to the long-term achievement of the Company's goals, Ydrogios’ first concern has always been its people’s well-being. We are only as strong as our people.

Our main priorities are:

• Attract, retain and develop the best professionals.

• Creating a high level of work environment for our employees, offering them stability, satisfaction, reward, inspiration and long-term strategy.

• Supporting young people by investing in their training as well as in modern business methods.

If you think you have the experience, the desire and the commitment to contribute to Ydrogios’ large family, you will surely be rewarded by working in an environment where people matter: our people, our clients, our partners and the wider community in which we operate.

If you want to join our dynamic team, please send your CV and cover letter. Ydrogios, receives applications throughout the year. In case there is no available job, your application will be kept in the Company's file for future purposes.


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Address: Ydrogios House, 2, Medousis Street, 6059 Larnaca 40378, 6303 Larnaca Tel: +357 24 200 826 Fax: +357 24 82 82 90 Email:




Tel. +357 24 200 800

Fax: +357 24 82 82 98


Address: Ydrogios House, Medousis 2, 6059 Larnaca

T.G. 40378, 6303 - Larnaca


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