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Personal Accident Insurance

An accident can cause Temporary Damage, Permanent Damage or Even Death. It is something that we all address, but unfortunately we live it everyday.

But what about spending, loss of income and the protection of other family members or debt repayment?

The answer is Personal Accident Insurance. Securing the expenses, income and decent living for the victim and his family.



Α. Death from Accident

Β. Permanent Total Disability

C. Permanent Partial Disability

D. Temporary Total Disability

Ε. Medical Expenses

F. Medical Expenses

G. Home Modification

H. Extended Coverage for Hazardous Sports

Ι. Transportation to and from abroad

J. Repatriation of Mortal Remains

K. Travel Cost of Accompany Family Member


Personal Accident Proposal Form

Modification for Personal Accident Insurance

Medical History

Consent Personal Data


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