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Associates’ Sign In

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Recently the Company has created Ydrokids club, members of which may be the kids of the Employees, the Associates and the friends of YDROGIOS.

The purpose of the Ydrokids is further contact of the kids with YDROGIOS and the opportunity to participate in events for their entertainment but also for educational purposes.

For that reason, it has been created and adapted a suitable area at the cafeteria of the first floor where the office of Ydrokids Club is now located

The appointed person as Ydrokids Mother is our colleague Georgia Anastasiadou.







We would like to inform you that the below stores offer to the members of Ydrokids club the below discounts:


Secopal Clothes Nicosia 15%
Mini Mondo Children Wear Ltd Clothes Nicosia 15% on clothes και 20% on baptism clothes
Ho.Land Park Ltd Restaurant Dali 10%
M.P.The cartoon Store Ltd Children care Store Nisou 20% on clothes
Ragazzino Shoes Ltd Shoes Larnaka 15%
Kickers Shoes Nicosia 10%
Uvongo Trading Ltd Shoes Limassol 10%
Pharmacy Georgios Charalampides Pharmacy Nicosia 5%


Our efforts will continue to obtain offers from other clients as well.




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Fax: +357 24 82 82 98


Address: Ydrogios House, Medousis 2, 6059 Larnaca

T.G. 40378, 6303 - Larnaca


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