The Company

Ydrogios Insurance Company (Cyprus) Ltd began operations in July 2002. The company is duly registered in Cyprus under the provisions of Cyprus Law and regulations under the EU directives.

Ydrogios got its license, on March 12, 2003, under the new European Directives, which were effective as of 01/01/2003. Since then, Ydrogios, holds a prominent position in the insurance horizon of Cyprus and remains a strong and yet reliable insurance company.

Having a total headcount over 60 people and more than 100 qualified professionals partners/intermediaries throughout Cyprus, Ydrogios has the flexibility to serve a large number of customers, from our 6 offices by offering innovative products adapted to the needs and requirements of each customer.

Since its inception, Ydrogios has grown and evolved into one of the most highly respected insurance companies in Cyprus. 

Business Philosophy

Ydrogios Business Philosophy is based on an individualistic approach which enables our company to identify and then cater to the particular needs of our clients in order to create a relationship based on full transparency, professionalism, loyalty, trust and long term collaboration.

Our focused approach to each client allows us to identify their particular needs throughout the on-going relationship and formulate timely, tailor made insurance packages in order to address their needs throughout our network of Ydrogios offices and other associates.

In striving to achieve its goal and a standard of “excellence and no compromise”, Ydrogios has always been committed to the strict application and adherence of the following principles & values.

Principles & Values



Customer-centered Philosophy

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer reliable and high quality customer-centric insurance solutions perfectly harmonized in modern changing and demanding environment.

Our vision is to contribute actively and responsibly to safeguarding the long-term prosperity of individuals and entrepreneurs.

Through our six (6) offices and having established an extensive, modern and valued dealer network that operates throughout Cyprus, we are close to our customers by providing excellent service.

Financial Data

Ydrogios Insurance is constantly among the healthiest companies in the General Insurance Sector in Cyprus.

At a time of general instability and uncertainly, Ydrogios Insurance, managed to avoid the risk exposure thanks to its loyal and long-term customers and partners.

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