Customer Service in the Post-Covid Era

On Wednesday, 24th of November 2021, Ydrogios Insurance successfully held the conference “Customer Service in the Post-Covid Era".

Once again, our Company offered the opportunity to its associates and partners to exchange views, discuss ideas, so that through a fruitful dialogue to reach constructive conclusions.

Dr. Nakis Antoniou, Managing Director of Ydrogios Insurance in his concluding comment stated, "It is obvious that we are entering a new era... An essential element and protagonist in our industry is the human factor. The strength of the insurance industry is the human potential. Therefore, the Insurance Intermediate is indispensable and no technology can replace him. The aim is to innovate service through the intermediary, with the use of technology as his weapon and ally."

At the end of the Conference, Ydrogios Insurance awarded the top Insurance Intermediates for the years 2019 & 2020.