Travel insurance is only offered to existing customers of the Company and provided that all of the   following conditions are met:

  • All persons entitled to benefit under this policy must be residents of Cyprus at the inception date
  • The trip must be a holiday trip or a business trip of a commercial nature
  • And it should be a round trip that begins and ends in Cyprus during the insurance period
  • The flight to be used is one of civil aviation operated by civil airplanes and to pay the relevant fare.
Summary of Sums Insured




Baggage 450 850 1300
Money 170 350 700
Personal Accident 8.500 17.000 35.000
Cancellation and Curtailment Charges 350 700 1000
Medical Expenses 850 1.700 3.500
Personaly Liability 8.500 17.000 25.500
Delayed Departured up to  170 350 500