Yacht Insurance

For those who love the sea, to enjoy the true delight a trip offers it must be accompanied by a sense of security and confidence. But even if you know everything about your favourite ship, you cannot foresee every risk that may threaten it and you as the owner. Ydrogios Insurance Company now provides to yachts' owners premium safety of various categories.

  • Loss or damage to the pleasure craft, its hull, machinery and equipment while being in commission at sea or while laid up and out of commission or during maintenance services, as a result of the following insured risks
  • Marine Risks (such as impact, collision, mooring, sinking, bad weather conditions)
  • Fire
  • Piracy
  • Collision with dock or other facilities at the port, fall of aircraft
  • Earthquake, volcanic explosion, lightning strike
  • Accidental damage during loading / unloading
  • Explosion
  • Malicious damage
  • Theft
  • Rescue expenses
  • Insurance liability to third parties resulting from the ownership of the vessel
  • Insurance liability to water skiers
  • Coverage for damage to the vessel during domestic transport
  • Coverage for personal belongings
  • Outboard engine fall
  • Trailer coverage
  • War, strike, riots or demonstrations